Why Now? For what purpose(s)?

There are numerous possible explanations as to why I am now starting this blog. Perhaps in the time of this pandemic, when I have time to reflect on what is important? Or perhaps in time of retirement when I can ponder on what I contributed during the years of my working life? Or when I am at peace with myself due to a wonderfully supportive husband and a new stage in my life away from the norms of working and living in the United States? Or when it is simply time to do so without much needed analysis as I had have done during much of my life?

In any case this blog also provides reflections on lessons from many years as an educator in history education, since such work is inherently connected to my persona and to legacies from my and even, I would argue, my family’s survival and adaption stories.

Whatever the explanation as the timing of the creation of this blog, I am pleased to focus only on the affirmative. Still a few important caveats, I am quite aware that the combination of my upbringing, my education, and perhaps, most importantly, my stage in life influence this blog. Undoubtedly, the retelling of these stories, my ability to blend planning with spontaneity, and the luxury of time provide me with the needed space to do so. While these pre-conditions may be obvious to anyone who reads these remarks, it is best to state them up front. Yes, all of the components of this blog are related to legacies, aren’t they? It is not unimportant to state and suggest connections when one seeks an audience when the topics may not appear to be immediately connected to one another.

Such stories from both the past and present can also give a voice to others so that this blog seeks others to share memories and/or experiences about these different issues.

This blog has at least three parts to it: 1) Planned Escape(s), 2) Coming Out Later in Life, and 3) Pedagogy and History Education Reflections. In the first posts I will explain each section and plan to add more to each section in the coming months.