Taken in Agrigento, Sicily in September 2019

Who am I?

The formal description for professional purposes that I now use is the following: James A. Diskant, Ph.D., a historian of modern German History, is a retired high school history and government teacher. From 2001 to 2017 I taught at the John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science in Boston, Massachusetts, where I taught courses in world and big history, as well as in government and in research methods. As the author of student-based curricula, I had been an active member of history and pedagogical associations, including the World History Association and the National Council for the Studies, where I led workshops for teachers. I currently live in Berlin, Germany and is an active member of EuroClio’s History and Learning Team, as well as a contributor to World History Commons.

Aspects of the more informal is captured nicely in two online pieces since I moved to Berlin — Volunteer of the Month: James Diskant – SMU (schwulesmuseum.de) and A Gay Wedding – The Gay & Lesbian Review (glreview.org). While one can find evidence of the academic side of me in a Google Search, I can affirmatively write that my retired status agrees with me. It gives me time to enjoy different passions of travelling, collecting art, engaging in political discussions, reading widely in English and German and sometimes even in French, going to the theatre, concerts, and opera, and seeing a spectrum of films to satisfy my eclectic tastes. Upon relocating to Germany in October 2017, I was able to indulge in them. Even if some of these passions may be more challenging at the moment due to the coronavirus around all of us, my basic optimistic nature allows them still to flourish when I am more at home. More to be explored in forthcoming posts.