2) Coming Out Later in Life

On August 8, 2014, a little more than two months after my 58th birthday, I had a life-changing and powerful epiphany when I told myself in an emotional conversation with a colleague that I was gay. With those words I initiated a wonderful journey, in which I came to accept the mantra “life is getting better”. With the support of friends, old and new, family members, colleagues, and others I was able to embrace significant and positive changes in my life which showed that one can change in one’s late 50s! In many ways this journey was the beginning of the “new me” a happier and more self-confident man. It ultimately affected most aspects of my life in profound — perhaps predictable ways and other more subtle ones — professionally, personally, and politically. During the next three years while I continued to live in Boston I found wonderful ways to actualize these changes and at the same time to accept the reality of continuity in my life.

Since June 2017 my more significant changes included: retiring from a satisfying career as a high school history teacher, travelling to new places with the intent of moving from the city in which I had lived for most of my life, falling in love with a wonderful caring, loving, and patient man, moving to a new country, acclimating to a new culture in Germany, speaking German most of the time, and getting re-married to that wonderful man a year later.

I will be the first to admit that my situation – in which I am financially and (in large part also) emotionally secure – has allowed me to seize these opportunities. This part of the blog will connect to the growing literature on this field and connect it to the positive messages of others who came out later in life.

I would be happy should others wish to share other coming out stories that happened later in life …

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